The Deal

My name is Yoko, and I spend way too much time watching street dance videos online. One day I decided to “legitimize” my obsession by sharing the best of my Youtube-hole hauls in a weekly (or so) newsletter. On the eve of 2014, Why Aren’t We Dancing? was born.

WAWD is sent out once every week or two, on Wednesday night. The corresponding post goes live on this site the following Sunday night, and this Youtube playlist of every dance video featured in a newsletter is updated somewhere in between.

1000 eProps to Chesley for creating the extraordinary Bey Cheatsheet, thus inspiring me to start a newsletter of my own (if you are a fan of Beyoncé you MUST sign up for this). Another 1000 eProps to Kevin who purchased this domain and then generously handed the reins to me.

Bonus: I also occasionally tweet videos that don’t get covered in the newsletter. You can find those by searching my tweets with the hashtag #WAWD.

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